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This is to prevent the abuse of JTMIV. When you login to JTMIV, you can use the SEARCH function without payment.

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When you subscribe to JTMIV for a fee (about US $85/year), all contents are available to be seen for 1 year. You can also post your cases to share with your colleagues around the world and get feedback from them. You will be required to make a full payment through credit card. The terms of the service shall be automatically renewed for another year on the same terms and conditions if you fail to express the intention to refuse renewal prior to the expiration date of the service, and the same shall apply thereafter. JTMIV will not refund any fees already paid. Please read the Terms of Use for more details.

Downloading of Posted Images and Videos

When you subscribe to JTMIV, you can download posted images and videos for a fee (about US $0.80/image and US $4.20/video, this system is currently under development).

JTMIV grants users the license to use this data for educational purposes. Please read the Terms of Use of Posted Data for more details..