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Guidelines for Authors

The Journal of Typical Medical Images and Videos (JTMIV) is a service offered by The Association of Medical Image Education (the “Association”) to provide an online medical journal which collects medical images and videos containing time-series data of various diseases, and whose purpose is to publicize the medical images and videos uploaded by the registered users and to make them available, for a fee, to the registered users who desire to download and use the same.
When submitting your cases (e.g. posting medical images, videos, etc.), please follow these guidelines.

Article 1. Manuscript File Formats:

Medical images and videos and any description attached thereto (including comments on the content posted by another registered user) should be uploaded and be made available to the system provided by the Association. Manuscripts should be submitted in English or Japanese. There is no limit on the number of key words, number of words, and number of images and videos posted. Abbreviated terms should be spelled out at first appearance in the text. All image data must be submitted in JPEG, TIFF, GIF, or BMP format, and for video data, MP4 or WEBM format is acceptable. Data capacity should be up to 30 MB per image or video, and do not forget to make an antivirus check before posting. When you post several images simultaneously, these images will be sorted by the number next to extension names of files (e.g. image1.jpg, image2.jpg, image3.jpg etc).
In JTMIV, it is possible to post the data regarding the course of disease along with images and videos containing the time-series data, but it is also advisable to post the disease images and videos of one point of the time of diagnosis for the purpose of sharing of medical images and videos of a variety of diseases. In such case, please post the data by designating the filming date as “Day 1.”

Article 2. Medical Image, Video, Description to Post:

(1) As a general rule, medical images, videos, and descriptions attached thereto to be posted shall be restricted to those of patients whom the author him/herself has a relation through medical consultation, examination, and treatment. If the author reproduces articles or images from another author’s work, please obtain prior approval from the copyright holder.
(2) As a general rule, descriptions attached to images or videos should be written by the author him/herself, except for image interpretation by radiologists. In the case of citations or reproductions, please indicate the source appropriately by clearly indicating the cited area. Manner of indication shall not be specifically specified, though, please describe the indication of source information (first author’s name, article title, journal title, publication year, page, etc.) in order to make literature searches (e.g. PubMed) easier.
For example:
Hara M, et al. High incidence of thrombus formation at 18 months after paclitaxel-eluting stent implantation: angioscopic comparison with sirolimus-eluting stent. Am Heart J 2010;159:905-910.

Article 3. Peer Review and Editorial System:

JTMIV does not implement the peer review system before publication. The content posted will be evaluated by comments from users, “Typical Image” button, “Education Case” button, etc. The author reserves the right to modify or remove any data that he/she has posted by him/herself at any time at his/her sole discretion.

Article 4. Copyright Ownership:

Copyrights for the data submitted to JTMIV shall be owned by the author, and the Association shall not acquire such rights to such data. However, the author who has posted the Posted Data shall grant the Association a license to use such Data (for the right to use, please refer to the “Terms of Use”). With respect to the medical images and videos that the author has posted, if there is a copyright holder other than the said author, please obtain the consent of the publisher or author of the source or copyright holder of the affiliated institution before posting.

Article 5. Ethical Approval, Protection of Personal Data and Informed Consent:

(1) Authors need to be cognizant of ethical boundaries related to content posted and should carefully consider whether or not the information they post is consistent with ethical standards. Please ensure that medical images, videos, and descriptions attached thereto do NOT contain any personal information of patients. Please pay attention to the appropriate treatment and protection of personal information. Some measures should be taken to remove all patient identifying information. Once again, please make sure that the patient’s personal
data has been wiped off, especially from images or videos before posting.
(2) The Association adopts the policy where content of posting is also checked by the Association independently, and is used in the Service only when the Association determines that it is free of problems.
(3) When submitting data to JTMIV, authors are not required to submit informed consent materials as with many other medical journals. To identify the patient from the image after deleting personal information is practically impossible. Our concern is as follows: if the informed consent is obtained, it would be possible to connect the image posted with a person who submits the informed consent, and thereby the risk of leakage of personal information might be drastically increased.

Article 6. Prohibition of Double Publication:

The image, video, and description shall be posted for publication in JTMIV only, so that the author may not post the image, video and description that he/she has already published or intends to publish in another journal.

Article 7. Dispute:

(1) Should there arise a dispute in relation to the Posted Data, the Association shall take primary action. Thereafter, the matter shall be dealt with through consultation between the Association and the poster.
(2) If the Association incurs damage due to a dispute in relation to the Posted Data, the poster shall undertake responsibility only if it has arisen by intentional act or gross negligence of the poster. Except for the above cases, the poster shall not be held responsible.

For more information, please contact: JTMIV Customer Service Center (E-mail:

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